Jenney Discovered She was a Bad Girl

Jenny feels like she was always a reserved individual when it came to her sexuality, and it was only when she was 18 that she started to feel a bit more relaxed about her sexual desires, fetishes and fantasies. She didn't start masturbating until she was past the age of 19, and even then, it was never a regular thing. She blames her upbringing on this. She was never informed about sexual desires, or that it was okay to touch yourself for pleasure. Sex was a bad thing in her household... Or so she was taught. But as Jenny began to discover what her clit and pussy could do for her, she began to masturbate on the daily. She would find herself touching herself throughout the day, and finishing herself each and every night before she went to bed. She became somewhat addicted to masturbating.

Each night, Jenny would bend her knees as she was laying on her back and spread them wide. This gave her amazing access to her clit and pussy and also gave her a delicious sight of her naked body. Despite always fearing that someone within her family would walk in, it didn't stop her from fingering herself every single night. She would keep her pajamas on just in case her fear was to ever come true.

One of her best masturbation memories happened on a late evening when everyone in the household was already sleeping. Due to the late hour, Jenny felt like she couldn't get caught, so she removed her pajamas to give herself better access to her swollen clit. The light was still on, and she took the time to appreciate her naked body. She felt bad... Like the naughty girl who was desperately trying to be released.

Instead of jumping in the bed and covering herself with the sheets, Jenny wanted to try something different. She stood naked in front of the mirror. She took a couple moments to fondle her breasts, pinch her erect nipples and trail her fingers along her slim, tight body. She closed her eyes and began to imagine men staring at her body, admiring her aroused naked body, begging her to fuck them. She was able to make her pussy so soaking wet, just by touching herself and it was time for her fingers to enter her pussy. She needed it. She wanted it.

Jenny flicked off the light and jumped into bed. She was immediately aroused by the feeling of her naked body touching the chill of the sheets. She spread her legs wide, and began to slide her hands down her body once again. She fondled her little breasts and tweaked her nipples before moving down to her clitoris. With two fingers, she inserted herself into her dripping wet pussy and used to the other hand to rub her clit fiercely.

Lost in complete ecstasy, Jenny rolled over to her side with one leg bent up against her. She reached behind her and started to finger herself in a way that she had never done before. It felt completely different from this angle, and the idea of being fucked from behind came over her mind. Her pussy was sopping wet and ready to explode with all of her innocence. Both of her hands were soaking wet, and her clit was swollen from the pleasure.

Her breath grew shallow and she began to quiver as she rocked her hips against her hands. She began to fuck her hand like it was a dick, although she wasn't sure what that was like at that time.

Jenny took her fingers out before jamming them hard into her pussy again. Her other hand rubbed her clitoris in circular motions, growing faster and faster with each thrust of her fingers deep inside of her hole. Her fingers slipped and for a moment, put an intense pressure on her anal. It was a complete accident but the jolt of surprise made her pussy even more wet.

Ignoring the sensation from her anus, Jenny began to fuck her pussy again, sliding them in and out of her vagina, momentarily taking them out to rub her ass. The tickle felt so good that she felt her fingers probing her anus more and more. With her finger soaking wet from her pussy juice, Jenny slowly slid one of her fingers into her asshole. Her breath stopped. Her asshole tightened, and as she stuck it in past her knuckle, Jenny grew excited with pleasure as her ass clamped even tighter.

She pushed her body back onto her hand, allowing her finger to go far in her ass. She was about to explode. With the remaining fingers, she inserted them into her pussy and used the other hand to please her clit some more. Her body immediately began to tremble as she pumped her fingers inside of her holes. The intense wave of pleasure overcame her as she rocked her body on her fingers harder and faster, reaching climax with each plunge she took inside of her ass and pussy.

And just at the last second before she reached climax, Jenny pushed her ass and pussy back down on her hand, long and hard, letting out a silent scream as she bit her pillow, trying to disguise her pleasure. She felt the rush of cum spew from her holes as she let out a hot stream of cum.

...And it was at that moment, that Jenny discovered the magnificent things she can do for herself.