Jessie’s Bisexual Fun

Jessie loved visiting couples. The excitement of pleasing a man, a woman and then both of them, plus having them please her, was a complete turn on for her. When she arrived at Jeff and Helens house that evening, from the way they warmly greeted her and chatted away, she just knew she was in for a fun time! Jeff explained that he absolutely loved watching Helen with another woman as she enjoyed it so much and Helen enthusiastically agreeing told Jessie how it turned her on big time to watch Jeff fucking another woman. The three of them got naked and started playing, with Jessie taking the lead kissing first Helen and then her husband. Jessie then turned her attention to Helen and both girls started playing with each other's breasts and kissing deeply. Jeff watched intently as the two bisexual women enjoyed each other's bodies, kissing and sucking, and then watching as they both took turns eating each other's pussies, first Helen licking Jessie, then Jessie licking Helen. Both women were completely engrossed in the pleasure they were having and Jeff, deciding that it was about time to join in, got into the middle of them both, kissed them in turn and then climbed on top of his wife. As he put his cock inside his wife's dripping pussy, Jessie decided that she wasn't going to be left out either, so she lay down beside Helen and started playing with Her tits and sucking them, watching Helens look of pleasure as she was being fucked and sucked at the same time. Jeff was so horny! Watching this, he started fucking Helen harder as she began to moan loudly with pleasure. Helen then leaned up and pushed Jessie gently towards Jeff, her pussy twitching and pulsating with pleasure as she watched them kissing whilst he continued fucking her. Excited by their tongues darting in and out of each other's mouths, Helen then came loudly, her pussy twitching and dripping as Jessie pulled firmly on her nipples as she came. Helen then told Jessie she wanted to see her being fucked by her husband and Jeff, already hard again and insatiably ready to fuck the eager escort, was only too up for the idea. Jessie bent over the bed and Jeff fucked her hard. She wanted to increase her stimulation, so she put her head between Helens legs as she was still lying there and proceeded to hungrily lick up all of the woman's cum. Mmm, Jessie thought, lovely warm wet cum and Helen tugged on Jessie's hair as she began to feel horny again from Jessie licking her. Jessie was fucked hard and fully by Jeff, happily watched by his wife and Jessie thought how lucky she was that the three of them were so horny and so happy to have such fun with each other. All of a sudden, Jessie felt Helens hand on her pussy and felt her finger start to rub and circle her clit. She was now horny beyond belief enjoying the feeling of Helen playing with her swollen clit whilst her husband rammed his cock inside of her. "Go on" said Helen, "I want you to cum into my mouth whilst he fucks you as hard as he can." Jessie wanted that too and with a final hard thrust, Jeff exploded into Jessie's pussy as Jessie exploded into Helens mouth. The three of them giggled and kissed each other, mouths still wet with cum. "I just love watching my husband with his cock inside an escort's pussy", said Helen, "and especially one that knows and enjoys what she's doing with the both of us"! Jessie happily agreed as they asked her to stay for another two hours. She was happy and horny and hungry for more. Who says three's a crowd she thought!!