The After Sex Cheat Sheet


So you had great sex and you’re all curled up in bed with a girl you met in a bar, a London escort you hired or even your girlfriend, and as you lay in bed with this woman, you are bombarded by questions going through your head like: “Does she want to do it again?” “Did she enjoy it?”; “Did she come?”; “Was I good?” These things fill up your mind and unknowingly you do certain things in bed that are a tad awkward for her liking. What do you do? Well we’ll tell you what you shouldn’t do so you can skip the awkward after sex moment and proceed to create more magic in bed.

The first thing you need to know about that awkward after-sex moment in bed, is that time will make no difference. The amount of time you’ve spent with this woman, regardless of if you were dating him or just met her a few hours before you did it, it doesn't change the fact that you can feel awkward after. Of course you will. You just had sex with them. It is part of the guilt-shame after effect of sex. But it should wear off enough to keep you going all night long, but if you let your awkward self push through during a breather, then there won’t be a next round for you, or even a next time.

And one way to prevent this from happening is by being aware of what sex means to you. If we are to be more specific, what does she mean to you? Is she a potential lifetime partner? Is she a welcome distraction to your hectic life or just another woman to get you away from the stress of everyday living? If you are able to do this, then you’re off to a good start, because no matter what reason you have for doing it, sex will be sex and it can only get better with time. So save yourself from looking like a fool by openly and directly talking about sex right after you did it, because it’s just going to make the both of you think and thinking isn’t good for sex. Although don’t get it mixed up with keeping open communication lines, you can still be open to your partner about what you want to do in bed, when you’re not in it.

But if communicating openly isn’t enough, then communicating honestly might just do the trick. One of the main reasons why flings or one-night stands never work is because the man never comes clean with his intentions. Remember, when you have sex with a woman, she forms a bond with you, an oxytocin bond that makes her attached to you more than you are to her, and to save you from the headache caused by it, better to be honest and upfront right before you do so you don't have to speak a word about it after.

Communication is practically the key to everything, even in sex, but you should know that talking about sexual performance while you’re in bed isn’t the most attractive thing to do. As they say, there’s always a place and time for everything, even with bedroom matters.