The art form of kissing


How many times have you been kissed before and it just wasn’t a pleasurable experience and because of this you just chose not to prolong the kissing experience with her but you preferred to just get to the good parts? Hopefully this experience did not happen with a London escort.

Unlike you, a woman may determine whether or not she wants to sleep with you based on your style of kissing. Think about it, if you are a lousy kisser why should she waste time in finding out that you are lousy at having sex too? That is a risk that she may not be willing to take since time is after all, a precious thing to waste.

Some guys tend to make kissing more complicated than it really is because they want to try all sorts of antics with their tongue, like the lizard and the roto rooter, that make women feel queasy in their stomachs instead of comfortable. Kissing for everyone brings about a different experience and what kind of experience are you offering her? Is it one where she wishes she had a breath mint or is it one filled with lots of passion? So before even attempting to kiss her, check your status on your mouth to make sure no food is stuck in between your teeth to embarrass you, and please don’t forget to check your breath or your first attempt will definitely be your last.

The key to kissing is to keep it as simple as possible and by doing that your kissing style becomes sexy, which will also be enjoyed by the London escorts. A great kisser in a woman’s mind usually turns out to be a great lover, but before kissing, make sure that she is ready to be kissed. This also allows you to know how comfortable she feels being with you. If she isn’t ready, it’s ok, just keep laying on the charm and she’ll come around.

When kissing, you can also use your hands since this is a great way to increase intimacy as well as find out how her body reacts to you outside of a sexual setting. You could caress the small of her back, apply slight pressure to her waist or just simply hold her hands, but whatever you do she must be comfortable with the move. If she moves your hands to other places, by all means go right ahead.

Kissing does not have to be boring or overly exaggerated for it to be enjoyable. Just remember to keep it sexy and simple.