The Bachelor Party


The big day is two days away and your friends have led you to a room with a blindfold on. You know what’s coming when you take the blindfold off but are you prepared for it? When they remove the blindfold there are London escorts everywhere.

A man’s greatest fantasy is all being played out in front of you. Booze, music and London escorts. But you are to be married in two days to the woman that you committed yourself to for the past five years, And the one you plan to be committed to for the rest of your life. This is the second to last night that you would be free, a somewhat single man. You are studying whether or not you should go for it, after all, the party is in your favour so why shouldn’t you, right?

Is it ok to cheat at your bachelor party? The answer is as clear as daylight, no. Below is a list of reasons that you should consider before you do something that you may live to regret later.

Is it worth it?

So you have met the girl of your dreams and you decided to ask her to marry you and she willingly accepted the proposal. Do you plan to start your marriage based on deceit because you are thinking with your member instead of your brain? Why did you ask her to marry you, so that one day you could break her heart? Having a one-night stand is never worth it when you have already met the most amazing woman on the face of the planet.

But everyone’s doing it

Do you have to marry everyone at the party in the next two days? I thought so. It doesn’t matter what your friends are doing especially if they aren’t committed to any one. Stand your ground and say no.

Are you prepared for the consequences?

In this day and age with all the STI’s and STD’s that are floating around, are you sure you are ready to put not only your life but the life of your bride to be in jeopardy because of your selfishness?

Remember STI’s and STD’s can be spread through saliva, blood and vaginal secretions as well, and the person who may have the infection can look just as healthy as any other person. Furthermore, you don’t know what your friends are carrying in their systems so are you ready to share yourself and maybe take a risk? I would hope not.

Remember the reason why the party is being held. That’s right, to celebrate your move from a single life to a married one. Enjoy yourself but don’t cross the line.