A Back Massage To Blow Her Mind


Women expect us to do all sorts of things, from knowing how to dance, how to dress and even how to fix everything and anything. However, those three things are all obvious. Every man knows that women want us to know how to do those things, but did you know that there is one thing that all women think you should know how to do, that will thoroughly benefit you as well?

Women see big, massive, manly hands and immediately assume that you know how to work with them when it comes to a massage, so don't ruin the mood because a sexy back rub can blow her mind, as well as do many other things. Don't cut your chances short right from the off. Learn how to give a back massage that will give her intimate bliss and an orgasmic frenzy.

The first thing that you need to do is set the mood. Don't start blasting your Luther Vandross out just yet. Instead, light some candles and give your girl a place to rest her head and relax. If you are still set on having music to break the silence, then opt for something a little more current to avoid any cheesy moments.

Now, transitioning from the mood of just hanging out to giving her a massage is surprisingly not as hard as you may think, considering that she may possibly have to undress to her underwear or better yet, birthday suit. Don't be afraid to suggest just that! Women are more likely to do what they have to do to get a good, relaxing, sensual massage from a sexy man, so as long as you make the approach respectfully, you won't be getting a slap in the face and hopefully she'll be getting naked. After all, she will have a better experience if she takes her clothes off, right? Just throwing it out there!

Now that she is, hopefully naked and eagerly waiting for you to start her massage, it's time for you to master the basics of a masseuse. Remember that pressure is key, but also remember that she is female, and females are a lot more fragile than you think. If you're not sure how much is too much, start hard and work your way towards softer. She will let you know if it's too much. Start at the top of her spine and work your way down her body and then back up. Once you have done that, use your knuckles and start kneading from the bottom and work your way to the top, and back down again.

Remember to talk to her throughout the massage. You don't want to ask her a million questions about life because after all, you're trying to relax her. Instead, ask her what she likes, doesn't like and would like you to be doing. This conversation can lead to things that will really blow her mind, amongst other things.

This is definitely a good skill to have under your belt. Practice your skills to perfect them.