Bad Boys Versus Nerds


Nice guys always finish last it is said, and it just so happens that you're a nice guy. Oh, you're also currently single and have been for quite a while. Coincidence? Definitely not. There are great benefits to being a nice guy and guess what? Nice guys always end up with the hottest babes in the end.

Here's the thing to remember, "Bad boys" are often into drugs, womanising and more often than not, don't have the highest of education. Do you know where that leaves them? Without a good job. Okay, so that's a stereotype, but it's true.

Even if they do come out of their immature state of "being a bad boy", they've usually already been with a lot of women and more than likely, none of their relationships ended on good terms (drugs, partying, lack of education and womanising tends to do that.) No respectable woman would want a man like that and a woman that does want that isn't a woman that a respectable "nice guy" would want, right?

Women (not girls, women) want a man that is everything the opposite of what was previously said. If you ask around and do some research, you'll see that the "school bad boys" are still doing the same thing they did back then which is absolutely nothing with their lives. Now as for the girls that they are dating, well there's usually not much to say about them either. Let's be honest here, would a supermodel date an uneducated man that used to be on drugs and sleep around, with no job? Unlikely.

As for the nice guys in school that often get bullied by the bad boys, well they usually end up with a total babe of a girlfriend or wife because they have all the qualities that the popular girls in school want once they are older and are looking to settle down with a lifelong partner. They have the education which gives them a good career, they didn't sleep around or mistreat women which gives them the qualities and traits that a woman wants, and they don't have a history that will haunt them for the rest of their lives .These "nice boys" appreciate the woman that they have, which is something every female wants. Appreciation, love and respect, something "bad boys" often lack.

So do nice guys always finish last? Absolutely not. They usually get snapped up by the first girl that they start dating as they are seen for what they really are, which is loyal, decent, and perfect husband material, so they snap them up before anyone else can!