How to become the best lover she ever had


As hard as it may seem, everyone believes that they are the best lover the escorts in London have ever had. I don't want to rain on your parade but you are probably just another face with a penis to these lovely busty escorts. If you want to be someone that she remembers you will have to bring something different to the bedroom.

If you want to please the busty escorts the only way to do it is through practice. Knowledge is power and when it comes to sex the more knowledge you have, the more the escorts in London will be knocking on your door. No longer have a boring sex life, but one that not only creates fulfilment for you but for the busty escorts as well.

Here are some tips to help you become a lover that she won't forget.

Endurance - In other words how long you last in bed. The escorts in London are prepared to go on all night, so don't make their jobs too easy by climaxing in the first ten minutes. That's just pathetic. Exercise can really help improve a man's stamina. If you are already working out and this is still a problem then you need to slow things down and stop yourself before you reach that point. Wait until she is ready to orgasm before you climax.

Ask questions - While the internet is a great source of information every woman is different so it will save you a lot of trouble if you just ask her what she likes. If a woman really wants to pleased she will let you know what works for her. The busty escorts if asked won't hesitate or hold back when it comes to sex especially as you were courteous enough to ask. This is the most fool proof way of pleasing any woman, even the escorts in London.

Confidence - a man with confidence is very appealing to a woman. Any man who can make the busty escorts want him just by the way he looks at him is a real man you may be insecure about certain parts of your body but the trick is to not let her see it. If you are comfortable with what you have then the busty escorts will also be comfortable with it. Remember that first time confidence is very important. If you can show her that you know what you want and you can get it then you are a keeper. Boosting her self esteem and paying her compliments is another good trick. Just don't over do it.

Becoming a world class lover just requires you to go all out and do whatever needs to be done for the best possible satisfaction. Anyone can become a great lover, but most people are too lazy to make the effort. So what kind of man are you?