Becoming a Beer Connoisseur


What do you really know about beer aside from the sheer joy of guzzling it. A lot of men love beer but do you really know that much about what you love. Okay, maybe you don't want to get to know about cows just because you like eating burgers. But beer is a different story. You can be a connois-seur in your own right if you just have a little knowledge about beer. Who knows, you might have a more interesting conversation piece the next time you get under the influence.

First of all there are two beer styles that we are all familiar with. The ale and the lagers. The ale type of beer is usually fruity or what some people call flowery in taste. Whereas lager the type of beer has a hint of bitterness, because it elucidates a great deal of the flavour from the yeast, for example, hops.

Then there are the Hybrid beers, which are typically dry like lagers but retain their malty flavours and some you did not even think was possible such as ones made out of vegetables or spices. So you now know something new about beers which makes you an infinitely better host for drinking parties or a night with the boys, especially if you invite the lovely Hemel Hempstead escorts over!

Okay, consider this: there's more to beer than you know right now. But read up and you will realise that there are a lot more brands out there and better tasting ones. In fact there are beers out there that have a certain history. Did you know that the most expensive beer in the world Tutankhamun uses the recipe they uncovered from the ancient Temple of Queen Nefertiti herself. It costs just over £33 a bottle, but who cares! You know something a lot of people don't. The more you learn about beer you realise that there's a lot more to it than the usual brands you know.

There's a lot more to the taste as well. Beer can be compared to those lovely English companions you frequently drool over. Imagine serving up beer at a party that nobody has ever tried. The trick is actually getting other people to appreciate good beer by coaxing them into trying something new. Remember to stock up enough for yourself so that you don't pour all of your personal supply for others. Once they have tried it, watch out for how they react. Don't give them a geek talk, simply ask them how they like it and maybe offer them more. Not many guys actually know a lot about beer, your street credibility will improve and you have become a worthy connoisseur of beer.