Chivalry Is Not Dead


It doesn't matter what anyone says, chivalry is not dead. What is chivalry, you may ask? Chivalry is simply being courteous and is often referred to as being in the past and sometimes even "ancient". This should not be the case and honestly, chivalry is such an easy thing to achieve and will not only make those around you happier, but will be beneficial to you as well.

Often, people assume that being chivalrous means that you are weak, but in reality, it's actually quite the opposite! Being chivalrous simply means that you have manners and desirable qualities. It doesn't sound so bad after all, right? Chivalry is a combination of ideal characteristics such as courtesy, generosity, courage, honesty and an eagerness to help those in need, whether it be holding the door open for an elderly person, or walking on the pavement closest to the road. Simple things that will not only make you look, but also feel like a better person.

If you are still confused as to why chivalry is so important, then ask yourself this: would you want to bring home a woman that has a swear word coming out of her mouth with every sentence? Or a woman that smokes and spits every chance she gets? You can have the most gorgeous woman, but if she's not feminine and lady-like to some degree, then she's no longer attractive. She's no longer that gorgeous girl that every man wants.

It's the same thing for women when it comes to men and chivalry.

Of course, women will notice a sexy man walking down the street that has good looks and a stunning body, but if he's too self absorbed to be chivalrous then they will immediately pick up on it. Do you think a woman wants a man sexy or not, that is a womaniser and disrespects those around him? Absolutely not! They will have absolutely zero interest in him, and he won't even be considered attractive whatsoever.

Now of course not every woman wants a perfect man, just like every man doesn't necessarily want a complete saint of a lady, but to some degree, it is desired. Its human nature and absolutely natural to want someone with a degree of kindness and respect in them.

Men want a lady.

Ladies want a gentleman.

So is acting chivalrous so bad after all? Makes sense, doesn't it? And the best part - It takes next to no effort to be chivalrous and it makes a world of difference. Try it out and you will soon see the benefits!