Do You have a Commitment Phobia?


Do you get sweaty and anxious when thoughts of settling down with your girl cross your mind? Cant seem to hold on to a steady relationship because of something that she did? Then you may have a serious commitment problem that will affect you for the rest of your life if you don't take the time to analyse your behaviour.

Men misunderstand the intentions of women once the relationship has reached its six month point or beyond. They believe that their freedom will be infringed as they expect their women to pressure them into making choices that they are not ready for even though she has not in any way displayed any of these characteristics.

One spoilt apple spoils the whole bunch only refers to such apples. Don't judge the women that you may meet in the future based on the women who have done nothing but walked all over you, used you and left you hung out to dry in the past. This fear could prevent you from building solid relationships with some great women, like Ilford escorts.

Women tend to flock to men who are already taken for their own evil purposes and men of course take the bait and leave the women they are with to be with the other, only to realise that she is no longer interested and they have made a huge mistake. Women like this are rampant in society and they are only out to destroy and sabotage. They prefer to share a man because it is always easier to be the girl that they party with. They never want to be the housewife, so be warned. If you have encountered women who pretend to like you while you are in a relationship, take a good hard look at what your woman has done for you.

In understanding these commitment fears it is also imperative that you can recognise the symptoms and signs of this phobia.

* Creating distance between you and your girl

* Spending more time with the boys

* Flirting openly with other women

* Taking your woman to the same places all the time

Now put yourself in your woman's shoes. How would you feel if all of a sudden she started displaying these weird changes? What would you do?

Being able to identify a problem that you have is not easy. Ask persons who are closest to you to help you with the process. Most importantly, if you are not ready for a serious relationship, don't get into one, that is why, there are escorts in Ilford that will help your situation. Don't be pressured by family or friends to get into a serious relationship either, do it of your own free will when you think you are ready to make the huge step.