Too Dirty for Her to Say, But Craving to Try


Ever wonder what dirty things your lover thinks about? Ever wonder what your girl is craving for but is too shy to say it out loud? Believe it or not, females are dirtier than men but with the bad stigma about promiscuous girls, a lot of them are too shy to tell you exactly what it is that she wants you to do to her.

Listen up for the things she craving to indulge in, that are so dirty she can't even say out loud! This is perfect is you're in a sexual slump, or just wanting a look into that dirty side of each and every female.

Stupid stigmas! Any "nice" girl isn't supposed to like dirty sex, and the confident women that are open about their frisky times are considered "not nice" enough. Well let's get rid of these ridiculous misconception and maybe nice girls will be able to satisfy you with dirtier sex, but until then... here are some insider details as to what she wants you to do to her. You may be a little surprised... in a good way!

There are a million things that females fantasize about, but the top, most common ones are all right here. So don't fake that headache because the sex is lame with your partner, or avoid that "nice" girl because she's too nice! Try these kinky things because chances are, she's craving for you to so do anyway!

Masturbation is considered a healthy activity that all should indulge in from time to time right? Why not do it together? Try lying beside one another and masturbating the other person, or even do it for your partner, or have them do it for you. Don't be shy! If you're putting on a show for your girl, ask her where she wants you to finish on her body, and have her naked so you can get that visual right in front of you, instead of in your mind. And switch it up! Have her do it for you as a private show, or masturbate together! Masturbation is amazing and everyone loves it... So why not share the enjoyment with your partner? Your girl is sure to love it!

Oh, anal sex. It's so dirty but everyone is addicted to it once they indulge. Unfortunately, this type of sex also has a negative stigma attached to it, as well as plenty of rumours. Definitely indulge and if you need tips on proper anal sex, or tips for beginners... it's all there for you! There are some great ways to have anal sex while keeping it sweet, slow and intimate... so know your stuff before you approach your girl with your convincing speech!

S&M is where you become submissive and let her have her way with you! Every woman has that control freak inside of her, whether it is about keeping the place tidy, or things you can and can't do on a boy's night. Woman know exactly what they want, in and outside of the bedroom, so bring that control freak out in ways that are bound to benefit you! Really spice it up with some props such as whips, handcuffs and get indulging in a little pleasure pain experience!

The chances that your girl has a secret stash of sex toys are very likely. Ask if she will bring them to the bedroom, or if she will use them in front of you. She may not have a crazy vibrator that you were hoping for, but even clit sensitizers lotion, or sensation lubes that she using during her solo-play can be fun for you too when you indulge in a sexy sack session.

Everyone knows that being a stripper is skanky, but your girl is craving to give you a lap dance or even show you the pole dancing moves she learned during her gym classes. Ask for a sexy dance sometime. This is a great way to see your woman in a sexy new light and awesome to get the blood