How to dress for success


With all the fashion trends these days, it's hard to keep up. There's a dress code for parties, a dress code for date night and a dress code for weddings. You may even have a dress code for when you are visited by your blonde escort, but what is the dress code that is identified for success? Here are a few guidelines that will help you learn how to dress for the success that you are craving.

Guidelines for success are:

1. Nothing says success like a suit. When choosing a suit choose one in a dark colour like grey, dark blue or even charcoal. These colours are acceptable.

2. Combinations of a shirt and tie can be used in your portrayal of success. Wear a white shirt and a tie that makes you look conservative. Nothing flashy or brightly coloured.

3. Wear suits that fit comfortably. If you need to get it adjusted then go to the tailor and get it fixed. No one likes to see a man dressed in a suit that is two sizes too big for him.

4. Make sure your shoes are well shined and of good quality. People tend to judge you by the shoes on your feet.

5. Do not display your body art (earrings, facial piercings, tattoo) when you are in the mode of success, as to some people it looks unprofessional.

6. Ensure that your hair (and facial hair) is well groomed. That Mohawk and spiked hairstyle just does not make the grade. Think conservative.

7. When you need to accessorise, keep it simple with a classic or wedding ring and an attractive watch. Leave the multiple rings and identification bracelets for when you are hanging out with the boys.

8. Your attitude should be one of determination, confidence, self-assurance, individuality and focus.

When you dress and act in a certain way, people tend to treat you as such, so if you dress and have an attitude that says success you will be seen in another light. In other words how you dress identifies who you are and this image is conveyed to others whether you choose to do so or not. With this type of attitude I am sure that you will also attract a sexy blonde escort. Don't be afraid to go after the things that you want. Dream big and dress the part, for success is just within your reach.