Feel that Holiday Horniness at Home


You know that feeling oh so well. You're on holiday and your woman can't stay off your dick. She wants it here, there, everywhere. She wants it now, now, now and now. It's great! Until you get home and reality hits, stress grows and unfortunately, that's the only thing that is growing because it's definitely not your penis.

Your woman won't even look at you let alone climb on top of you. So what do you do now? Go back on holiday? That's not always possible. Luckily for you, you can learn how to have that holiday horniness at home. Oh yeah! All your problems solved, right? Follow these tips and share them with your lover for some holiday romping at home!

Remember to always leave work and stress at work. You've heard it a million times for a million reasons, haven't you? Well, at least this one will really make you want to truly leave work at the door. Don't be bringing that work laptop home with you no matter how much you want to. Hey! Whatever gets you laid, right?

Aside from work stress, there's enough stress in life as it is. Leave that at the door as well.

By doing the following, it will help you feel as relaxed as you were whilst on holidays. Turn off the television and your phone (not as impossible as you may think) and don't even think about checking your Facebook on your computer.

Have the bedroom decluttered. It will help both you and your partner to relax as if you were on holiday. Sure, you don't have a maid to make your bed with fresh sheets every day or clean up after you like you do when you're staying at a hotel, but once you get the clutter gone and the room looking squeaky clean, that same serenity will come.

Bring on the food. Sex and food go hand in hand, so indulge in some unique cuisine that you wouldn't typically have on a normal day to day basis. Maybe you just came back from having wild sex in Asia, well Asian cuisine can be found everywhere. Maybe it's freshly squeezed juice drinks. Whatever it is, just indulge!

Sure, a suit on a man is sexy, or a uniform on either of you, but it makes you think of work and responsibilities which are usually the last thing on your mind on a holiday, and that's the feeling you want to recreate right? Remember to wear something casual and comfy, but not big, baggy and old. There is a big different between comfy and crappy.

Hey! Once you have this routine perfected, every day can feel like a holiday!