Five Foreplay Tips You Should Know


Oh, foreplay. It's your favourite word, isn't it? It's the perfect way to get warmed up and heck, you're not complaining if you finish this way, either! Here are five essential tips that you need to know when it comes to performing fantastic and wild foreplay.

Of course you're eager. Your girl is laying there naked and god damn, she looks as hot as hell! The first thing you want to do is dive right into the goodies, but resist the urge. Take your time and work your way to the more rewarding parts of her body. She will feel appreciated as you take the time to thoroughly satisfy all parts of her body during foreplay. Start slowly and gently by massaging her thighs, arms, stomach and all the non-naughty parts that you can explore.

It is imperative that you remember that you are dealing with very emotional creatures. Women need that emotional connection throughout sex, and yes, that means foreplay as well. Don't forget to kiss her, touch her, caress her and really love her and her body from start to finish. Kissing is the easiest way to deeply connect with your partner so kiss away, and enjoy it.

As with the first tip, take your time undressing her. Of course, you are eager and want to get her naked as soon as possible, but hold your horses a little bit longer. The best foreplay is when you take your time, so slow it down there, tiger! Build the anticipation when undressing her by making her wonder where it is that you'll put your hands next. Will you unbutton her denim pants next, or unclasp her bra, revealing her luscious breasts? Take your time caressing, kissing and massaging as you undress her as well. It's a totally win-win situation for the both of you.

As things start to get heated, so will the breathing, and along comes the dirty talk. Compliment your girl as you talk dirty to her. Let her know how you want to kiss her beautiful breasts, or how soft her skin feels and how her body drives you wild. The combination of compliments and dirty talk will work wonders!

Lastly, share the love. Sure, you're a boob man but try not to focus on one part of her body for too long. She may get bored, which is absolutely not what you want to happen. Avoid this potential disaster by keeping your hands moving across her body. Focus on one spot for a little bit and then move on to another part of her body that you love. Even if you find a spot that makes her squirm, remember that you're building anticipation. After all, its foreplay, so keep it moving. Teasing her will work wonders!