Five Things That Men Should Stay Away From


We know girls love their accessories, and we also know that girls would love their guys to have as many frills as they do. However, do men really think that accessorising will make any man look better? Does the 21st century man think that a trip to the spa or the salon can bolster their chances of bagging THE girl? No thanks, we already have what we need. Here are five other things that all respectable straight men should stay away from.

1. Avoid any form of jewellery. The only thing that should be left gleaming on your wrist is your watch. Iced-out bracelets, enormous platinum and gold neckwear, as well as that useless pinkie ring do not have a place on a real man's closet, and even more so on his everyday get-up. Chain yourself out and be at the risk of looking like a one-hit wonder rapper lost in the streets, or perhaps, a certified pimp! Besides, you can mesmerise a beautiful girl like a London escort as long as you look neat and nice.

2. Pink Trainers. Do you remember back in 2005, when guys around the world were caught up in the hot pink Trainer craze? Yeah, us neither. And it should stay as forgettable as it can be. While yes, we are still allowed to whip out that Easter-pink polo shirt once in a while, we should always leave the girlie-colour alone.

3. Hair gels. We really do hope that you have already gotten past your Linkin Park phase. By now, we are expecting you to have thrown out your baggy jeans. We are also hoping that you have ditched the spiky hairdo and, in the process, have phased out your personal warehouse-like stock of hair gels. With the current unstable global weather conditions which can result in unpredictable weather conditions such as late Indian summers, you may not have to seek the aid of these hair products just so you can look sweaty as hell.

4. Eyeliner. Yeah, we know your seemingly-endless quest to look like Robert Smith. We also know that you are into bands like KISS and My Chemical Romance. But, dude, return your sister's make-up kit to its rightful owner ASAP. Seriously, have you been to any department store that has a "men's makeup" section? You're right, there's none.

5. Speedos. Unless you are a professional swimmer or a glamour model, lose the Speedos. No, it is not an excuse that you have worked your hardest to build your chiselled legs and thighs. If you are on the beach, do your species a favour and wear shorts. And no is no. Even women will find it offensive to see you wagging your package with those tight-as-hell jockstraps.