A Gentleman’s Guide to Recession


We all know how the economic turnout of the country is going, and from what it looks like, even the modern gentleman would need to cut back to get through the rainy days. So if you're the kind of guy who's used to luxury trips, luxury cars and fine dining, you might want to reconsider your options, for this isn't the best time to go all out with your finances. Here are some tips to help you survive this hard time.

The most obvious luxury of men besides women is cars. But that's okay as long as someone else finances your transportation expenses, but if you're living on your own and you shoulder everything, it may be time to get out your walking shoes. A lot of guys now opt to walk or bike it to work, but if you don't like the idea of sweating in your Giorgio , the underground isn't a bad option either. Now while you're at it, drop by a convenience store on your way to work and grab a healthy snack. This saves you more time and money than your Starbucks diet. After all, caffeine wont tide you through the whole day. But if you're too image-conscious, cooking meals at home and bringing them to work wont be such a bad idea either. You never know who might ask you out for lunch anyway!

Speaking of image, working out in a private gym can be costly at this point, so put on your workout shoes and start working out at home or maybe jogging in your neighbourhood. Its the next best thing to a fully equipped gym workout and also a very good chance of hitting on a female neighbour.

Now that you've given up working out in a gym, its best to try and cut back on your other vices as well. Smoking, partying and drinking- none of that will contribute to your well-being or your financial status, so its best to let them go. However, if you are looking for some company to spend time with, the affordable yet very friendly and outgoing Kilburn escorts should be on top of your list.

But the most important tip to survive this kind of economy is to cut down on your communication expenses. And we mean, the old-fashioned kind - the telephone landline. So do yourself a favour and cut that line. You wont need it if you get yourself a good deal on a new mobile phone anyway.

These are just some of the tips that a modern guy can use to survive this economic halt, but youre free to make this a permanent lifestyle instead of a temporary fix.