How to Get the Girl You Want


There are a million reasons going through your head as to how to get the girl you want, but in all honesty, most of it is simply just getting a hold of yourself, confidence and doing it! That's right! That's really all it takes to get that girl you want. Sounds simple enough, right? Then why don't you have that girl and why are you online searching for this? And that's why this article is here to save the day!

First and foremost, get over that fear of approaching her. Most women believe that chivalry is not dead, and although they appreciate equal rights and all that stuff, there are some things that woman believe is still a man's job. Yes, approaching them and making the first move is one of them. Work up that confidence and walk over there and confidently start a conversation. If you know you're going to mumble and fumble on your words, you definitely haven't worked up that confidence that we're talking about here!

With that said, confidence is everything! A woman wants a man and if you can't hold a conversation, eye contact once you worked up the courage to approach her... you're doomed. Be confident in yourself and what you have to offer. Woman can smell weak duckling miles away, so be confident, or be really good at faking it because if they sense that you're a wussy, you'll be stuck on that "friend" list. Or even worse... you'll be taken advantage of. Neither of them sounds good just so avoid that possibility and be confident in who you are!

Being confident with who you are doesn't necessarily mean bragging about your high paying career, or your nice cars and giant house. Actually, it means the complete opposite. First of all, most women would consider this cocky and be turned off and if they're the opposite and get turned on... chances are that they're interested in you for the wrong reasons! Be confident in a humble way. Briefly speak about your job, or that you just bought your first house, but do not go out with all the specifics in regards to money and how good of a lover you are and blah blah blah, which is actually what she is going to hear.

Lastly, don't show that you want it as bad as you really do. As much as woman say they hate mind games, there are some games that have to be played whether they like it or not. If you are super nice and too eager, women will perceive you as desperate and lonely. Play it cool! Of course you're interested in her, but don't go out and tell her that you've never talked to such a beautiful girl. Be simple, sweet and interested. It's all about doses. Too much and you're doomed. Too little and you're doomed. Figure out the medium and you will be just fine.

Now take these tips and go get that sexy broad that you've been eyeing down!