How to Get Them in Your Bedroom


You've managed to get that hot babe back to your house from the club. You're having a great time and you're ready to take things to the next level and to your bedroom, but how do you do it without ruining your chances before you get there? You don't want to sound like a creep and you most definitely don't want to come across as a jerk, so how do you successfully get that babe into your bedroom, all naked and ready to go?

If things are already getting hot and heavy, then feel free to lead the way to the direction of the bedroom. If you are lip locked with that sexy babe, then simply walk backwards into your room, which then gives you the perfect opportunity to lay her down on your bed. It's even better if you have the opportunity to pick her up so you can carry her straight in there!

However, sometimes the situation isn't just handed to you on a plate like that and some work is needed. It always depends on the scenario, so do adjust this advice to your own specific circumstances. If you and that babe from the bar are sitting on the couch watching television and you have housemates, then they can help you with this by calling you and asking you to turn off the TV because it's too loud, but if you don't have roommates, don't let the girl find out. Walk out of the room to the bathroom and make sure you're out of sight, and then when you come back, let the girl know that your housemate has asked that you turn it down. At that point, suggest moving to a more private area such as your bedroom.

Another option is to completely bypass the television situation and instead, consider your (fake) roommates. As you and that sexy girl walk up to your house, mention that you have to be quiet because of your roommates (real or not... she doesn't need to know). Then, quietly open your front door and continue to move towards the bedroom. Slowly shut the door and stay in the role of having "sleeping roommates" until you both can no longer stay quiet and it's an absolute must that you both are screaming loudly!

Your (fake) roommates will understand... if she asks!