How to get her wild in bed


So you finally decided to call all services escorts to get a companion to spend the night with you. It has been so long since you have spent time alone with any woman, other than your mother and sisters of course, that you are wondering if you still got The Moves!

Having sex is just like riding a bike. Once you get back on, everything just comes rushing back to you. Getting her wild in bed is definitely no different. You can use the methods you use already but with a little, how should I put it, enhancement.

Remember that the companion that you are getting has probably been with the best of them and she probably believes that she has already been through it all and there is nothing new that you can do for her. While this may be partially correct, you can still show her that old dogs can still learn new tricks.

The first thing you may want to do is to make this gorgeous woman want you, and I mean really want you. Yes, while this companion may be very good at her job as the all services escorts are, you want her to give you some extra special attention. The key to this is being patient as well as having a plan.

Phase 1

Be romantic- If you don't want her in your home just yet, you can rent a hotel room, notice I said hotel and not bed and breakfast. You need to impress her. Anyway, rent a hotel room and have dinner and two glasses of wine ready to meet her when she arrives. A single rose with a card saying thank you for spending the evening with you.

Your companion may be shocked at this gesture since she's usually thanked when the night is over, so score one for you.

Phase 2

Conversation - all services escorts are accustomed to being taken to dinner and getting the best that men have to offer, so what will be so different about you? The difference will be the type of conversation that you will be having with her over dinner. Your companion is already anticipating the kind of conversation that she will be entertained with which is usually one where the man is claiming to do all these things to her as soon as he gets her in her bed.

Your tactic will be different. There will be no sex talk during dinner or even afterwards for that matter, but we will get to that a little later on. Ask her how her day was, where she plans to be in five years, or even ask if she has children! All services escorts or not, your companion is a woman, and if you want to get the best out of her in bed you'll have to be the best you can be out of bed.

Phase 3

Comfort - After dinner carry your conversation to the couch. You can ask her if she wants to watch a movie or continue the conversation. More than likely she will say the conversation because she is trying to figure you out.

Gently take her hand and lead her from the table to the couch. Bring your companion another glass of wine as she gets herself settled and you can sit either at the other end of the couch facing each other and get relaxed.

Resist the urge of sitting next to her to smell her hair or touch her soft skin. What you are trying to do is build a bond with her, not get her to have sex, at least not yet anyway! As she realises that you aren't pouncing on her, she be more relaxed and willing to open up on so many other levels. As I said before, if you really want to see her get wild in bed then be patient.

Phase 4

The drop off - So you've had a great night with your companion and now it's time to say goodbye. For the entire night you have been a perfect gentleman, so don't ruin it here. Walk her to the door and thank her for the wonderful evening. Ensure that she gets in safely then get back to your car and head home.

As you get home, text her to let her know that you had a great time and you hope that you can do it again sometime.

You may think that you just wasted an entire night because you did not get any sex. Wrong!! What you did was make her feel worthy of your company and as though she was a lady not a piece of meat. A lot of pressure has been placed on women when it comes to sex, and the fact that you've put none on her, already has her turned on and intrigued.

The next time you meet, have the same calm that you had the first time. Allow her to take control of the conversation as well as sexual gestures. I can assure you that you will have a Companion for life who will be willing to do anything you ask as long as you respect her, not to mention 100 times better than she would usually do it I might add.