The Girls you shouldn’t take Home


Now you may be reading the title of this article and thinking What? - There's such a thing as a girl you shouldn't take home?" And the answer to your question is yes! There is. Bars are always filled with loads of sexy girls, but you shouldn't read this article to immediately rule out all of them, the ones that you either can't take home, you're simply just trimming down the fat.

The drunken stumbler is definitely a girl that you don't want to take home. Why, you may ask? Simply because she will probably throw up before even arriving back at your place, and for moral reasons, she probably has absolutely no idea what she's doing. Whether you have morals, or even lack of them, just don't even go there with the drunken stumbler, as it's a big mistake.

The girl with the guy standing next to her. Unless he appears to be a little more flamboyant than most men are, the chances are that the guy beside the girl is her boyfriend, or even possibly a best guy friend or brother. The last two can sometimes be worse and even more protective than a boyfriend, so just forget that one and move onto the next.

Forget about the girl who dances with you, and only dances with you. She may bump and grind a little bit but she definitely won't consider walking off of the dance floor with you. You're simply her dance partner and you won't be doing the sideways tango with her any time soon! The best advice - dance on over to the next one!

If a girl shows up with only one friend, then she will be leaving with that one friend. Don't underestimate the power of a good girlfriend. They are usually protective and definitely won't let their friend go home with some random bloke. Good luck, but it's just not happening.

Lastly, you want to avoid the girl who isn't your type. Confused? Well beer goggles work wonders and often make everyone look much better than they really do. Avoid any awkward mornings where you wake up asking yourself, why! You know what you like and you should stick to that no matter how much the alcohol makes the saying, "Opposites attract" seem true.