Grooming, Old School Style


We know for a fact that men aren't fans of nostalgia - that reminiscent emotion or attachment to something old. But sometimes, despite the modernity of it all, there are things that we wished we had carried over, from the time of our great grandfather to our dads, there are habits, which we hoped, made it up to this time.

But were not dissing out on technology - how it has made our lives easier, more convenient but there will be times when we would feel sluggish, sloppy and that's exactly the right opportunity for you to unplug, relax and reacquaint yourself with the old habits of men that made them real men.

These old school grooming habits will definitely make you realize that its not in the number of gadgets that makes a man, a man, but rather at how well-groomed and well-mannered they are despite all these advancements of today.

Starting with, getting an old-school barber serviced shaved. Yes, that's right, while we love the fact that there are multi-blazed electronic razors available for us to use, every once in a while, we should learn to enjoy getting a shave from your favourite barber. This experience is uniquely masculine, from the time you first grew your moustache and beard, until now that you can actually shave it yourself.

In line with getting an old school shave, why don't you do yourself a big favour and assert your manhood in a sea filled with beauty and cosmetic products? Go out and buy yourself a good old shaving brush; while we know that this product isn't exactly what you need in the age of electronic do-it-yourself razor, it actually helps us shave better and ultimately, look better groomed. Isn't that what you want your partner to see? A clean-shaven hunk, perhaps.

Now if you grew up in an old country traditional family, you would know that a visit to your local barbershop for a shave would automatically get you the hot-towel treatment. Its nothing compared to facial or anything like that; its simply a pore-opening treatment to avoid you from getting any infection from the shave. Think of it as a pre-shave treatment that the barbers would be so glad to give you because you're availing one of their more famed services. Now isn't that a wonderful trade off?

And if you really want to turn the heat up with those hot London escorts you met at the bar last night, why don't you put on some retro-chic look with pomade. But don't go jolly over it as overuse may result to skin infection, after shaving, try putting a small slick of pomade on to the shaved area to give you that instant soft and smooth yet sexy look. Its the old school alternative to an after shave cream which more often than not, costs more than a buck.