Don’t Hate the Player


It is has already been established countless times before that men do not and should not mind the business of another man. However, there are instances where men cannot help but take notice of another man's unacceptable and sometimes questionable moves. Basically, whether we admit it or not, we hate on other guys especially if its a guy with a sexy London escort date. While hating can make some sense at times, we sometimes target the wrong people. Here's a list of who should and should not be hated on:

1. Don't hate on your nosy-ass neighbour. Hate on your other neighbours for spreading your dirt on the street.

2. Don't hate on feminists. Hate on women who are easily tricked by men.

3. Don't hate on tossers. Hate on the women who always fall for these types.

4. Don't hate on the star player of the team you dislike. Hate on your favourite team for not being able to keep the guy in check.

5. Don't hate on the fat kid in the gym. Hate on the bodybuilder who wont let you use the weight room.

6. Don't hate on gay men. Hate on straight men who throw offensive sex jokes in the locker room.

7. Don't hate on the guy wearing a Superman t-shirt. Hate on the guy wearing a Spongebob Squarepants t-shirt.

8. Don't hate on Kanye West. Hate on the fact that today's mainstream hip-hop sucks

9. Don't hate on guys who wear too much aftershave. Hate on the guy who wears unisex fragrances.

10. Don't hate on the guy who rocked the Jeremy Scott Adidas trainers. Hate on the guy who tries to look like Jeremy Scott.

11. Don't hate on the guy who orders a beer at a posh nightclub. Hate on the guy who orders the most expensive girlie cocktail at the bar.

12. Don't hate on the guy who loves fried food. Hate on the guy who orders a Caesar salad while on a date.

13. Don't hate on LeBron James. Hate on the fact that he makes life decisions pretty much like most men do.

14. Don't hate on Russell Brand for bagging Katy Perry. Hate on the fact that you cant understand Russell Brands humour.

15. Don't hate on crap bands like Nickelback. Hate on the millions who bought their records.

16. Don't hate on the 40 year-old guy showing off his brand-new Porsche. Hate on the kid who drives off with his daddy's coupe, and then crashes it into a random tree.

17. Don't hate on the guy with debt problems. Hate on the university student who spends his tuition money on prostitutes.

18. Don't hate on Brad Pitt. Hate on the fact that you're not Brad Pitt.