How to Know if you are Good in Bed


Performance in bed is something that haunts most men. The reason for this is that women tend to fake a lot because they are afraid to bruise the egos of their men. I would tell you if you really want to find out then ask your girl but she probably won't tell you the truth.

Telling someone that they are bad in bed is never a bunch of roses. It's one of the toughest things to do because it is a touchy subject to deal with. Even though you may want to hear what she has to say are you willing to accept it or are you going to throw a tantrum and tell her that your London escort thought you were great.

Chances are that you did a great job with the London escort but guess what your girlfriend is different. Her body is different and her sensitive areas may be different as well. Here are some tips to let you know whether or not you are good in bed

If your girl does not break a sweat during sex you were not successful in raising her body temperature nor was she active. In her books you failed miserably. All women though they hate getting sweaty having sex is the only form of exercise where they really don't mind doing so.

While having sex she's watching you. I'm not talking about watching you for a few seconds at a time; I'm speaking about a few minutes at a time. Women close their eyes and get into a zone when having sex, if she watching you she's probably wondering why you are taking so long to finish.

If your girl is just lying there doing nothing while you are riding her tell yourself that she's also rolling her eyes. At the end of it you my fall back on your bed with a smile on your face but she'll be sleeping with her back to you.

If you did a great job in bed your girl or the London escort would want you to do it again. Even though you climax whether you are in her or if she's giving you a blow job she'll continue doing what she's doing.

After having sex if your girl clings to you and wraps herself in your arms you can tell yourself that you are the king of the bedroom.