How to Know if She’s the One


So you're a total romantic and head over heels for your girl but really have no idea if she's the one? If you're questioning it, then chances are she is not. It's an old saying but a very true one and you won't have to question it, you'll just know. However, sometimes that simply isn't enough to decide whether or not you should continue, or discontinue that long term relationship. Sometimes you need a little more information, opinion and fact and luckily for you, this article has it all.

If you can't be yourself around her, then this may be a sign that she isn't the one. Do you really want to spend the rest of your life with someone, pretending to be something you're not or hiding who you truly are? Absolutely not. That sounds like a recipe for disaster.

Sure, your friends can be biased but often they know what's good for you and what's not. There's definitely a truth in the old the saying of love being blind. If the majority of people that meet her aren't keen, then they may be seeing something that you aren't.

If you can't just sit back, relax and do absolutely nothing together, then the chances aren't looking good in your favour. Maybe your relationship is still in the "honeymoon" stage, or maybe you don't feel comfortable with one another. Whatever the reason may be, eventually, life together won't be all complete excitement. You will settle down, and need to enjoy being able to do absolutely nothing together. If this doesn't come naturally then you may have to start looking for a new mate.

Does she make you feel bad and guilty all the time? Have you not seen your best friends since meeting her, simply because you know you'll be in the dog house for weeks on end? Not only are you completely pussy whipped, but you're also obviously unhappy with your life. All relationships have good and bad times, but you should, more times than not, feel amazing about yourself and your relationship together.

If the most action you're getting is from your right hand and that Playboy magazine in the corner, then something is definitely wrong in the relationship. Of course, it's natural for the flame to go out once in a while, but it is never natural, or okay, for you and your partner to completely stop being intimate.

Still confused? Is she absolutely amazing? Is she absolutely everything that you could have ever asked for but you are still having problems committing to her? Aside from everyone telling you that you're being selfish and childish, maybe the truth of the matter is simply that she's not the one.

Hey! It happens. You know you've heard the saying a million times before, but there is, indeed, plenty of fish in the sea. If she's not the one and you're unhappy, then move on now and start living for happiness because eventually, whether you marry her or not, if she is not the one then it will come back and bite you in the butt.