Make Her Feel Special


Making that important woman in your life feel special is the absolute most important thing that you can do. It has benefits to all aspects of your life, whether it is your relationship or sex life. However, believe it or not, making a woman feel important is also a great way to get them to feel romantically attracted to you. A woman is a lot more focused on the way you treat her and make her feel. So men out there, if you're single and looking to woo all the babes that you can, then take that chivalry that you show your mother and show it to some lucky ladies.

It is, as mentioned, extremely important to make all women in your life feel special and unique, whether it is your mum, sister, friend or a babe that you just met. If this seems a chore for you, then rest assured it will be worth it because the more fabulous you make her feel, the more fabulous things that she will do for you. And yes, that does imply within the bedroom as well!

But now that you know that you should be making all women feel special, how do you do it? The majority, if not all of this, can be done with your words. Women love to be told that they are special and unique with compliments, so compliment, compliment, compliment, in every way, shape and form, but keep it genuine. Point out something that she has that you have never found in someone before. This will not only make her feel good about herself and your relationship, but it will also provide her with the security that every woman desires. If you are telling a woman that you've just met about how you just had to come over and talk to her because there was something about her that drove you amazingly crazy, then sit back and watch her reaction as her knickers literally drop to the floor. Okay, maybe her knickers won't drop but her face will definitely light up as she smiles from ear to ear. You just won her over!

Aside from her physical attributes, compliment her on her inner beauty. Okay, sure - it sounds cheesy to you, but women love this stuff. Tell them how you like how funny they are, or how you adore that they can sit back and enjoy watching the football game. She wants to know that you appreciate her for more than just her physical body.

So remember, whether you're out looking for romance, sex, a one night stand or romance, never forget to let that woman know that there is something very special about them. Of course, if it's a one night stand, you're not going to want to woo them so much, so examine your specific situation and make them feel special accordingly.

Once you have this little trick nailed, your sex life is going to thrive more than it has ever done before. Will you be able to handle it?