Male Enhancement, Do You Need it?


A recent news broke out a couple of days ago saying that men around the world can now flock to Cuba to have their manhood enlarged. While this news sent a stiff message to the rest of the world, Cuban men seemed to respond to this development quite positively.

But what does it really take to have your penis enlarged? Does it entail enhanced confidence and sexual activity for men? What does it mean for the women of this generation who will most likely experience having sex with men with enlarged penis?

What can we do to combat this phenomenon?

Well, according to scientists, and these are people who experts in their fields already, a man doesn't need to have his penis enlarged to an inadmissible size just to please a woman.

But to prove this theory wrong and to show the Cuban government that paying for cock extensions isn't exactly how they should spend their budget, we listed down the pros and cons of having an enlarged penis.

Penis enlargement means better sex- this statement is not entirely true although accurate in most cases. Take the case of some London escorts, these women are very familiar with sex but are hardly looking for men with penises the size of bottled water. Why? Simple, because they will be the one to experience the pain while the men feel the pleasure, and we all know how that goes.

Penis enlargement causes infection- while there is some truth in this, we believe that when the Cuban government decided to approve this bill, they made sure that the quality of work to be done on the men of Cuba is of top calibre, if not the best. There's no point in mass-producing cock extensions, that's just gross and disgusting on so many different levels.

Only old men need penis enlargement- now this we can say is true. Why do you think the government officials of Cuba approved of it if they didn't need it themselves? Enough said.

An enlarged penis is every woman's fantasy- yes, this claim is actually true. Remember that time when you were young and took performance enhancing drugs just to please your woman? How about that time when you tried using dildos as well as your penis to make the sex more interesting? Well, there you go, getting a penis enlargement for free saves you the hassle of using enhancers.

With all that's been said, we think that if a country would sponsor dick jobs, why not have boob jobs for women for free as well? That way, you get rid of the double standards and you get double the pleasure. Sounds good to us!