Men's Guide to Wearing Scent


The use of scent is both an art and a science. While we know that the use of scent has become a statement for many centuries among leaders and people in the upper strata of society, today, practically everyone wears perfume and aftershave and its exclusivity has totally diminished.

Some men are hesitant to wear perfume as they might unnecessarily suggest that they are effeminate. Being vain is one of the many traits of modern men but being mistaken for being a homosexual from traditionalists and the narrow-minded are something we men, are repellent to.

While we may have mixed feelings or contradictory ideas about what makes a man wear scent or not, its still interesting to delve into what makes a perfect scent and how to wear it and when. Lets examine these things more carefully one by one.

Spray on a sample card

Perfume stores offer a special card strip where you initially apply the scent you want to try. This is important in order to avoid applying it on your skin and finding yourself with a mix of different smells before your shopping trip ends. Shopping for scent is best done with a London escort to help you find a unique scent for you.

Get a feel of primary scent and undertone

All scents have a characteristic primary scent and undertone. Primary scent is the initial scent you will smell when perfume or aftershave is applied on the spray strip or directly on the skin. It is advisable to wait a few more minutes before you get a feel of the undertone or the scent that will last all through the day after the perfume is applied.

There's a difference in the undertone scent when perfume or aftershave is applied to skin or on a spray card. Because the skin is naturally endowed with sweat glands where sweat and other hormones are produced, they kind of mix with the scent and thereby creating a smell unique to the person wearing it. So the same perfume or aftershave in a shop may smell differently on you than on me.

Apply scent to pulse points

We've probably seen some men and women apply scent on the neck, on the back of the ears and the wrist, its because these are parts of the body that usually produce more heat. Heat is necessary to further throw out or set-up the scent towards the air and your surroundings. You may need to apply a little additionally after some time has passed, but don't do so when there's only a few minutes before you are meeting someone to avoid an overpowering primary scent.