The Most Important Flirting Tactics


Flirting is the international silent language of love. If you know how to flirt the correct way, you can snag that beautiful girl within seconds. However, if you're too subtle or too forward, it can send the ladies running in the opposite direction of you. So how does one know which flirting tactics are good to use, or that you should avoid like the plaque? Well lucky for you, I have all the flirting tips that you will ever need to flirt successfully and take that beautiful girl home with you at the end of the night.

Several women agree that their absolute favourite flirting tactic to receive is the simplest of all. Subtle enough that you won't risk rejection, but strong enough that you're going to send any girl into a frenzy of butterflies. What is it? A simple eye wink. Winking is absolutely sexy and so very subtle. It lets the female know that you are interested, but doesn't make you come off as too forward and aggressive. This is a great option for anyone, even the shy men. You are being a man and making the first move, but laying back and letting her come to you, which also gives the appearance that you are not desperate and over-eager.

In order to successfully wink at a gal, you need to first make eye contact. It only makes sense, right? This is also a great tactic to use to let a woman know that you're into them. Make sure to hold that eye contact once your eyes meet hers. If you look away too suddenly, you will appear shy, uninterested or not manly enough. None of those are good, so definitely remember to continue holding the eye contact for a couple seconds. You will usually get a cute smile or smirk in return.

The third most successful flirting tactic is a combination of the two things mentioned above. Yes, combining eye contact and a wink can send a girl over the top and running over to you. Okay, maybe not literally but she will definitely be tempted. If you are feeling confident enough, flash a quick, cute wink before you look away. You will have this woman craving you immediately.

As you can see in this article, the three flirting tricks that have been shared with you are done with your eyes. Why? Because you can tell a lot about someone's eyes which is why these are known to be the best of flirting tactics. Beneficial to you, as well as the woman, as you both can get a feel for one another being actually speaking. Remember that confidence is key, so avoid looking away too fast at all costs