Never Too Old for Toys


You found yourself clicking on the remote and flicking through cable channels when you got absorbed in this show with a grey cat, on his hind legs, chasing a brown mouse. You laughed out loud at every hit on the cats big head and every kick on the mouses little butt. As you sniggered and chuckled at their weird animal antics, you remembered your childhood, how you spent it, how fun it was, and how it went by. You went to the attic and saw that familiar big, brown box filled with toys you used to play with. You saw your collections of superheroes, small cars and basketball stars trading cards. You smile as you look through each of them, with memories of your childhood flashing back. Men who drive Ferraris and Lamborghini's used to play and collect Matchbox toy cars. From small, colourful and sometimes flame-emblazoned steel-cast cars, they purchase and drive race-class, top-of-the-line sports cars. It's what we call "toys for the big boys." Not only to mention cars, but also guns and action figures. From plastic, spring-powered air guns, these big boys buy Smith & Wesson's and practice shooting or go game hunting. Back then, these boys would tape cardboard tubes and wrap them with brightly coloured cellophane. They would wield them like swords, call them light sabres, then hack and slash their ugly and fierce-looking action figures as if they were enemies from outer space. Now that they're old enough and earn well, their dreams of building an empire of Star Wars collectables is now flourishing in their so-called trophy room. Men are stereotyped to be tough and act mature as they age, but some just feel comfortable letting their inner kid play and have fun, from watching Tom & Jerry cartoons, playing video games on their favourite game consoles, and collecting Marvel Super Heroes. No one's too old for fun.

For men, fun doesn't always mean having orgasmic Friday night sex with his girlfriend, or watching the most-awaited NBA championship game on his new Samsung LED TV. It may also mean going back to their childhood, remembering how fun it was assembling aliens from Lego pieces, clashing and crashing robots into boxes of cardboards, bragging about their new remote-controlled car and how fast it could go, or just plain watching an episode of Conan the Barbarian. In fact, most Richmond escort women love hanging out with the young-at-heart men because as they claim, they are fun to be with.

Toys, cartoons, collections. One of the reasons why women always say the cliché "boys will always be boys."