How Not to be a Pushover to Woman


There are very few things that woman hate in a man, but appreciate them for it. In the moment, of course it sucks when you tell them no, but they will respect and crave you so much more once they know that you put your foot down. Are you unsure as to whether you are a pushover? This is the perfect read for you!

First and foremost, you have to know yourself and your goals. Never let a pretty woman distract you from this. Have you ever had a woman tell you that she enjoys doing something and if you don't like it, that's too bad. Or have you ever had a woman tell you to learn to love it or leave? It makes her so much more desirable and it's the same thing when tables turn. A woman will have great appreciation for you when you do the same and have a strong hold of yourself and know what you want in life. This is a huge turn on!

Be assertive when necessary. This tip goes hand in hand with everything else you are about to read. Sure, woman don't like "dicks" as a personality trait, and if you learn to assert yourself and put your found down at the right time, she will soon be all over that "personality trait" of yours!

Expressing yourself is very important when learning to not be a pushover to woman. Of course, it's easy to say positive things but if something is making you mad that she does, tell her! She may hate it during the moment, but she will be craving you so much more knowing that you will tell her how it is in and out of the bedroom!

With that said, you need to stop being agreeable. Sure, woman like to have a man that they have something in common with, but if you're to lie about enjoying exercise just because she's a fitness trainer, she will certainly find out! Not only that, but a woman appreciates when a man knows what he likes to do and can respect a good debate. Hey, it's even a great conversation starter! If you don't like that movie you just saw, feel free to disagree! Opinions do wonders! If woman didn't like them, they'd date a rock.

Lastly, be sure to pick your battles. Some fights you should just let go and let your woman have the win. However, when you feel strongly about something, apply all the previous tips and stand your ground. Again, a woman appreciates a man that knows what he wants and won't let himself get walked all over. This all plays into the perfect "bad boy but not too bad" that woman desire.