Obligation - The Most Dreadful Thing a Man Can Think of


Why are men so terrified of commitment? Why do they crumble every time a girl asks them to be in a serious and exclusive relationship? Why can’t they just be faithful and monogamous? Well, upon doing a bit of research about the men’s psychological take on this issue, we came up with a couple of answers.

The most popular answer is that most men who fear commitment don't want to lose their freedom. They always want to hang out with their friends or London escorts, or do their own thing without having to feel that they need permission to do so. They definitely give importance to their personal space and don’t want to lose it. They don’t want to have a very demanding and controlling partner. A lot of times it is also a question of faithfulness on whether they will be able to make a commitment to having sex with only one partner.

A lot of men are also afraid of commitment because of fears and insecurities. Some of them have been victimised by women who were just into their money or power. Men definitely don't want to take a chance and give up their hard earned money for someone who is just a gold digger and a user. Some also have been cheated on, left by their partners, married then divorced, and the saddest part is losing custody of their children.

But then again, a lot of men are just plainly immature and egotistic, insecure of a woman’s talent and success. Afraid and don’t want to let go of the fun that they’re having in their bachelorhood. Of course you don’t want to be this type of man.

Another thing is that men are terrified and sceptical about their choice of woman. This may sound harsh and cold, but unfortunately some men are scared of commitment because they're just not completely sure that the woman they're with is the woman they're meant to be with for the rest of their lives.

Lastly, again a matter of insecurity, they are afraid that they can't provide well financially. A lot of aspects in a relationship change after a couple settle down and decide to get married and money is definitely an issue. Men are instinctively natural providers, they are usually the workers and breadwinners in a family and if the guy doesn't feel he can provide for his future spouse and any future children yet, he may be holding back and is definitely still afraid to commit.