Is She The One


Before you ask yourself that question, you would need to know a little bit about yourself. What turns you on in a woman? What attributes would she have to bring to the relationship? Could you really spend the rest of your life with one woman and give up the London escorts? Take time and make a list as this will help you to decide if she’s the one you are looking for.

When we first meet someone we are so head over heels over this person that they could do no wrong in our eyes, especially escorts in London. That could be where the saying “Love is blind” comes from. This high of love makes us act impulsively and before we know what we are doing we are stuck in a relationship with two children and a woman that depends on you for everything and you don’t know how you got there.

That is why making your list is so important it helps you determine how compatible you and your lady are. Just wanting to be in a relationship is not going to make a relationship last. You may want to try write down all the things that you don’t want in a woman first as this tends to be easier for a lot of people to do. This does not mean that during a date you pull out your list and start making comparisons. Before you start checking your list let the lust wear off and when you can see the real person then you can start doing your checks.

In order for your list to be effective you would need to be honest. What do you need from the relationship? It is very easy to tell others what we want from relationships but we need to determine our needs. What can’t we do without? Can she fulfill your criteria?

You need to determine what your plans for long term relationships are. Does she want children? Does she get along with your family and friends? Is she the one dominating the relationship? By defining the relationship that you want for your future, you will be able to determine whether or not she fits in with the picture.

What are some of the things in the relationship that are non negotiable to you? Does she have to be the same religion as you? Does she need to be financially stable? Understanding these things will bring you closer to finding out if she’s the one.

Don’t get caught in the lust of love. Make sure that she possesses the qualities that you are seeking because despite everything you try, the relationship just won’t work.