Opening Lines That You Can Use


Opening lines don't have to be those cheesy one liners that everyone laughs at. You know the line, "Did it hurt... when you fell from heaven?" No one uses those kind of pick up lines and if you do, well, you should stop immediately! However, instead of this article focusing on all the awful pick up lines that have been overused by nerds or creeps at the club, this is all about the opening lines that DO work and that you can use without getting a slap round the face, or a strawberry daiquiri thrown all over you. Here are some amazing opening lines to use on that babe that you've been eyeing up all night.

Whilst in bars, pubs and nightclubs, the classic opening line to use that doesn't come off as lame, hilarious or rude is, "Do you want to dance?" What's the worst that can happen? If she says no, don't just immediately walk away, ask her since she doesn't want to dance, if you can join her for some conversation. If she still says no, then you can walk away with your head held high and enjoy the rest of your night. Don't even think twice about it. She probably sucks at dancing anyway.

Now, for clubs with live music, asking a question about their opinion of the band is a perfect opening line. Their response will also tell you a lot about them and if the conversation sparks up and you are intrigued then carry on with it. Who knows, maybe you'll get a phone number at the end of the night if you play your cards right.

Whilst at a restaurant, mention that it is your first time there and what do they suggest is good on the menu. Another question you could use is to ask them if they would like to have a drink with you after dinner. Both of these approaches will help whatever situation you're in, whether you're there with a date and want to carry the night on, or there with the boys and you catch a glimpse of a smoking hot babe that you want to meet.

Beaches are an all round great place to meet people. After all, you get to immediately rule out anyone that you're not physically attracted to as there are no clothes to hide under. Invite her to play some Frisbee or ball or casually say that you're going to the beach bar for a cold drink and ask her if she'd like to come with you.

Always remember to feel out the specific situation and use an opening line that is appropriate for that time.