Penis Enlargement


Have you ever been in a locker room while other guys were changing and one of the guys just let “it” swing? In your mind you are like “wow”! I wonder how I can get that big? You may be thinking if you get bigger you will be able to please a London escort.

There is a debate whether or not penis enlargement works or not. The size of a man’s erect penis is anywhere between four to six inches long with the circumference being four to six inches as well. For guys who insist that they are small when really and truly they are not, they are psychiatrically diagnosed as having penile dysmorphic disorder. Most men known to have penis enlargement surgery are known to have this disorder as well as they will continue to search for ways to enhance the size of their penis because they are never satisfied with the results.

So you’ve heard about pumps, exercises, pills and surgery but how well do any of these work if they work at all?

The most classic of all penis enlargement devices is the vacuum pump. Here’s how it works. Your penis is stuck into a pump via a cylinder which sucks out the air. This vacuuming motion pulls extra blood from your body into the penis. This in turn makes it look erect and of course a tad bit bigger. You must then clamp the penis off with a tight ring which keeps the blood from escaping. Once the ring is removed however your penis will go back to its regular size. Now this device is only supposed to be used on men with real erectile dysfunctions. Now the risks of inflating your penis with this device are bruising, blisters, impotence, discolouration, ruptured blood vessels and thickened skin. Imagine after you try this device you invite a London escort over for some fun and you can’t function. That would be a bit embarrassing wouldn’t it!

Men believe that by lifting weights and using other exercise equipment that their penises will bulk up. This of course is not the case. There are devices that will stretch the skin of the penis as well as lengthen it but how painful is that?

This brings us to supplements, pills, creams, herbs, ginseng and horny goat weed. There is no evidence to prove that any of these have ever worked.

There is surgery that could be done such as lengthening and widening of the penis which costs a lot of money. This surgery is not guaranteed to work nor is it proven to be safe and of course as with any surgery there is risks.

The only proven method to gain a few inches on your penis is by losing a little weight therefore giving the illusion that your penis is bigger.