Rules of Flirting


The rules are flirting are pretty much common sense that commonly gets forgotten. Almost anything can be considered flirting, as long as it is done correctly. Sure, eye contact is one of the most popular ways to flirt, but eye contact doesn't simply mean meeting your eyes to someone else's. You have to actually connect your eyes and hold for a few seconds. If you look away too quickly, you will appear uninterested, shy and with a lack of confidence and none of those are a positive first impression.

Speaking of first impressions, this is exactly why flirting is as important and known as an international silent language of love. More times than not, you see someone before talking to them, or making physical contact. Whether it be when a woman walks into a crowded bar, or your first webcam chat with that hot babe that you have been crushing on, on that online dating sight. It may only be a few seconds, but those few seconds are important because that is the real first impression. Flashing a smile or wink will immediately show your confidence and interest. It also allows the woman to believe that you are a go-getter, but not too aggressive. These are all things that will separate you from the men who go home alone, to the ones that take home that babe at the end of the night.

As mentioned, confidence is the key. If you smile at a woman, but look away or do it nervously, she is going to immediately notice how uncomfortable you are, and to be honest, you will most likely look very awkward. Be comfortable with yourself and your flirting tactics and you will be sure to get your message across of being a sexy, confident man that knows what he wants, instead of that shy little guy that is trying to break out of his shell. No one likes the latter, not you, and not the girl!

Once you have sparked up that conversation with your sexy girl, be sure to make physical contact. No, do not grope her or maul her. This will send her running! However, touching her knee mid conversation or her arm will definitely let her know that you are confident, interested and it will set that sexual tension bar just a little bit higher.

Lastly, as mentioned previously, anything can be considered flirting so be sure to try different things and see what you are comfortable with. As long as you have the confidence and connection, you will have that sexy girl wrapped around your finger and ready for whatever is next!