Sex Myths Broken


Rumours are usually not a big deal to adults, but when it comes to sex, we find ourselves wondering about all those weird things we are hearing that can happen, have happened and the horrible and terrifying what if's. This article is here to save the day and is going to break the most common sex myths that have turned your pleasure into pleasurable problems!

Ask any woman, the worst kiss is with too much tongue. There has been a rumour floating around that both men and woman like this. WRONG. Tonsil hockey is not the way to go when locking lips with your lover. Hence, locking lips. Kissing is all about the lips, and open mouth kisses does not mean shoving your tongue down the others throat. A little tongue licking in between lip locking is the perfect combination. If your tongue is completely out of your mouth and moving around like a fish out of water, she's probably wondering "WTF".

"Hand jobs are like totally 9th grade!" False! If your lady has said this to you, encourage her to give it a try, "for old time's sake!" Feel free to tell her what feels good, how hard to grab in, and how fast to move so you get the best hand job ever.

The faster the Cumming comes, the better. No! No! No! Woman are just like men! They love the build up to an explosive orgasm so don't go off of pride and see how fast you can make her cum. Switch up the rhythm, motion and speed and once you have given your woman enough pleasure time, do what she likes to get her rocks off. But always remember to enjoy the moment of building her up... knowing that you are providing her with ultimate pleasure and the reward will definitely be worth it.

Teeth and genitals are a bad combination, often believe. But little teeth never did any harm. Lightly brush your teeth over her clitoris as you're performing oral sex, even grip the clit in between your teeth as you lick. She'll love it! Just be sure to not bite too hard. Treat the clitoris the way you'd like your penis to be treated.

Even shy woman like a little aggression in bed, believe it or not! She may be very subtle about her hints, but woman like when a man takes control. Have you ever heard a woman say that she wants a wussy boy? Absolutely no. Be a man and give her what she deserves!

And there you have it! Throw those myths out the window, improve your sex life and have a blast of fun and orgasms while you're at it!