Sex Therapy: Do You Need It?


Was there ever a time when you thought you were incompetent in bed? How about that night when you couldn't perform? Or that time when had to released your sexual desires but with the wrong person?

Has it ever crossed your mind to have yourself checked? Not with a doctor but with a sex therapist - for all you know, the problems and nightmares you've been having in bed might just be resolved in the four corners of a sex therapist's office.

We understand the hesitation for a lot of men to seek the help of a professional, but when it comes to matters such as problems with sex they presumably are the experts.

But as the need for help arises, men should acknowledge the fact that there will be a point in time when their sexual functions and satisfaction will be in question.

And if you're the kind of guy who relies heavily on performance enhancing pills, like Viagra or any other drug, you should know that these pills originate from the same source that we're trying to convince you to do now - Sex Therapy.

But before you decide to dismiss this option, you must know that the majority of men who have attended at least one or two sex therapy sessions have reportedly benefited increased sexual function and interactions. In fact, these men engage in more successful sex than they ever have and with more women than before their therapy sessions. After all, what better compliment could a man get that they are good in bed than from one of the London escorts.

And as a man, you should know when to seek help, but in case you don't, here are some signs that you need help:

1. When the problem persists - a lot of medications say that when the problem persists, consult your doctor. The same goes for sex, while there are nights that are unable to develop or maintain an erection, but if this problem continues it may just be the right sign you need to head out and seek for help.

2. If the problem affects your relationship - if your sexual conundrums are taking a toll on your relationship, it may be best that you seek out help as soon as possible before it strains the entire foundation of your relationship. As they say, prevention is better than cure.

3. When the sex is no longer enjoyable- it's not only women who get hit by the dry spell. Men have that too, in the sense that we no longer find satisfaction in making love to our partners. So before it's too late and you do something stupid about it (such as sleeping with the wrong woman), better to get therapy than get involved in something more risky.

These are just some of the many signs that you actually need help, but before these signs become worse, it's best to sit down with your partner, talk it over and always include sex therapy in the list of options. You maybe a man, but you're still human, you're not invisible.