Sexy gifts


Every woman loves a good present, but what's better than giving a present that gives back? Don't lie, you want to be a little selfish, well here is a list of the top five sexy gifts that keep giving literally.

Sex toys go without saying. Get your girl a new toy and ask her to try it out for you in front of you. Or even better yet, suggest that you try it out on her yourself.

Lingerie is always a safe buy. As long as you don't buy a XL when your woman is an XS. When you give her the gift, make sure you throw in a hint such as, "I got this for tonight".

Striptease is always fun and as long as you remember to have fun while giving the strip tease, then you'll both have a blast! You'll laugh and smile together which will create the mood for some fun, flirty lovemaking, plus, you don't need money to give this gift!

Create a CD of all the songs that make you think of her, just make sure you listen to the lyrics thoroughly before doing so. If she doesn't listen to CD's anymore then create a new playlist for her on her iPod.

Love games can be purchased and some can be made up at home with things you can find around the home. It's fun to relax and laugh a little, and of course, get sexy together.

Love coupons can be tacky but really amazing as well. Make sure to add in a mixture of sweet things to do together such as massage, and raunchy things such as having sex doggie style!

Take sexy photos for her. Sure, iPhone pictures of your cock look great, but go the extra mile and send her something that she hasn't already seen. Better yet take sexy photos together. You can find all sorts of professional photographers that can provide classy yet sexually provocative photos.

Give her a gift basket of oils, lotions and some sex toys. It's like all the above things combined. Does it get better than that?

Of course, remember to give a mixture of personal gifts and sexy gifts throughout the year. If you gave her sex toys for her birthday, Valentine's Day and Easter, then you might wind up in the dog house and that's no fun for anyone!