How to have Successful Multiple Sex Partners


Imagine yourself with a beautiful woman? She's fun to be with, she's a breath of fresh air, Her company is great and the sex is awesome. There's practically nothing you can ask for, except that she wants you to commit and then it becomes complicated. But you realise that you still want to see her two to three nights a week, but the problem is, how do you keep on seeing her without committing to her? While the answer may be obvious, some single men have a hard time making it work.

Now whatever your reason is for being single, (you're not ready for a long term commitment, you just got out of a relationship, and you enjoy dating too much), it's not acceptable that you just leave your woman hanging, so in order to keep you from looking (and acting) like a jerk around these women you share your bed with, here are some sure-fire ways to make you look like a real gentleman whilst working your way through and inside their skirts.

The first thing you should know about women is that they don't like being fooled and by this we mean don't try to make it look like you're being faithful to her when she knows that you're sleeping with other women. Just be honest with her. Being honest with her about how you feel gives her the choices to either continue with you or bail out when it gets sticky. Don't think that just because she's a woman doesn't mean she can't handle the truth about sex.

Another truth you should know, is the fact that your body may not be able to handle being intimate with more than one woman. While your urges may tell you otherwise, and would want you to have sex with every single girl you meet, your body might not allow you to do so. So when this happens, it's perfectly fine to resist the urge and just have sex with one woman only.

And the most important thing every man should do when sleeping with a number of women is that he should be able to keep track of every single one of them, but don't keep an actual list of the women you've slept with, just make sure that your memory will serve you right when one morning you happen to bump into one of them. Always make every relationship (regardless if it's sexual or not) as special and unique as the person you're dealing with. Women appreciate bold gestures, but nothing makes them happier when you remember their names and birthdays.

I know that sleeping with a lot of women can be a whole lot of fun. It's a boost for the ego times ten, but if you intend to keep it as a hobby more than a phase in your life, then it's best to remember that honesty is still the best policy and yes, it applies to sex as well.