Things to tell a Girl to get her Home with You


Persuading a girl to come home with you isn't always easy. They are, in most cases, going to immediately think that this is yet another of your one-night stands, so what do you have to say to get her to go home with you, without her knowing of course that it's pre-arranged?

Say that you have never done this before. Of course you're lying, but females use this line all the time, so why should it be any different for men? Both parties always know that this is far from being true, but it makes you look a little bit less like a player right? Just convince her that taking random girls home from the bar to bang isn't something you make a habit of!

If they're talking to you, and still talking to you after the bar has closed, then they're interested. Word things correctly and you may just have another notch coming on your bedpost.

Tell her that you like her company so much that you're not ready to call it a night. Just because the bar has closed it doesn't mean the party has to stop, right?

Play the girlfriend card. This has several benefits to it. If you tell this potential one-night-stand that you usually have a girlfriend so you don't get to party much, and that this is the first time that you've been single in a while, she'll immediately think you're a good guy even if you're not. Girls usually believe that guys that have regular girlfriends don't sleep around, so you may have yourself a potential applicant to go home with you. How simple is that?

However, if that doesn't work, add in some more cheese, tell her some of that slushy, stuff that girls love to hear, whether you're a stranger or not. Not only do you want to keep hanging out, but you want to cuddle. Ooh, that's a good one! Ladies love some spooning.

If all else fails, make promises to cuddle but with no sex. It sounds crazy to think that a grown woman would trust a stranger's words, but promises are often still believed. Of course, promise not to sleep with her if she doesn't want to, and keep that promise. However, if she tries to sleep with you (which she will if you play your cards right), then you can always remind her that you never promised to not to sleep with her if she did want to!