Tips for Smaller Members


You've heard it all before, "It's not the size of the boat but the motion of the ocean," And although this is very true, it also means that little guys have a little bit of extra work to do in the bedroom. It is imperative that you understand that sex isn't only about penetration. There is so much to explore on one's body and so many ways to do so. If you think back to one of your favourite romps, the chances are that you, the girl (or both of you) had involved your whole bodies in the experience, not just your genitals. The reason being is simply because we are whole-body beings, and we have a lot to enjoy and explore on one another. So for the men that think their member is a little on the small side, don't sweat it. You can still very much so be the best lover someone's ever had.

Always remember that very rarely do women actually orgasm strictly from penetration. There's usually a lot more that comes into play, but of course penetration is a big part. In-and-out action isn't always the way to go. Try to work your hips into it and experiment with different movements of your body.

Use your hands to massage, grip, grab, play, and everything else you can possibly do with your hands. The best way to incorporate your hands into a sex session is to stimulate the clit whilst having sex with your lady. This will intensify her experience, and ultimately, her orgasm.

The mouth can be brought into sex sessions just like the hands. Use everything in your mouth from your lips, tongue and teeth. Lick, suck, bite and kiss all parts of the body from her collarbone to her inner thighs. You will soon find her soft spots and be able to get her off within seconds, and the sooner you can get the women off the better.

Lastly, incorporate your body. Use your arms to lift, pull and or even simply hug your lady as you make love to her. Remembering to use your entire body while having sex will make your "smaller member" give bigger and more thunderous orgasms.

Would you want a woman to just lay there with her legs wide open? Absolutely not. You want her to move her body with yours, moan, groan, kiss and use her whole entire body to fully achieve a great orgasm. Sure your dick looks nice, but they want to see you work it, and work it all!