Tricks to Make Her Tick


Sure, of course you can make your partner orgasms, but don't you want to know how to really make her cum? How to send your woman over the edge of pleasure so she is left breathless, satisfied and in a healthy sex coma? Of course you do! Who doesn't want to be the God of Orgasms!

Ask any woman how quick she can get herself off, and it's usually less than two minutes for clitoral stimulation. Now, she may be able to get herself off in two minutes, but that doesn't mean it was the best orgasm. More than likely it was an obviously amazing orgasm, but she wants to explode... and she wants you to make her explode! She's arching her back for you, squirming and moaning and ready for you to really throw her over the top.

I'm sure you've noticed that when your girl crawls into bed beside you, she curls up with her toes in between your legs for warmth and surprisingly, this is exactly what can make her orgasm that much better. Warming up her feet is statistically proven that it increases the pleasure of an orgasm. Making her feet warm makes her feel more physically comfortable which will allow her to get deep into her thoughts as you get deep into her.

Adding a spritz of your musky cologne can also increase your woman's orgasm. How? Smell is the strongest of all senses, and adding a fresh spray of cologne will send her libido into overdrive!

Tease her with your hands while you're giving her pleasure. Touching in between her legs will send her sensations beyond belief. You like when your woman explores more areas than just your package, so do the same for her. Try replacing your teasing hands, with your teasing tongue and grace her clit and around her vagina and she will surely be moaning from the intensity of the teasing. Aside from your girls naughty spots, and legs.... a woman's spine is also a sweet spot to touch that will make her melt.

Now, go give your girl the orgasm that she deserves and is craving. You will have the satisfaction of giving her the best of best orgasms. It's a win, win! Get trembling, flushed, moaning loudly and then let her explode with these secret spots and tips!