Tricks for Her Orgasm


There are so many tricks and tips that you can do to get yourself, and your girl off, but what about the tips and tricks that she can do that will send her over the edge and give you an amazing show at the same time? Luckily for you, this article has them all!

While you're thrusting away with your cock deep in your girls' pussy, suggest that she starts playing with her clit for you. Not only will this definitely get her off harder than ever, but it's a sexy view for you too! Who wouldn't want to watch their girl play with themselves, right?

Just as your girl is about to reach her peak, have her clench her vaginal muscles for five seconds, release them, than squeeze them again, and again, and again until she lets out a fierce explosion of cum all over you. The increased tightness on your dick will feel so good for you as well.

Massage her nipples lightly as you are thrusting inside of her and pinch them from time to time for a little extra spark. Be sure not to pinch them too hard unless she's into that sort of thing, but she will definitely let you know if you're squeezing just a little too hard. If you want to change things round, have your girl massage and pinch her breasts instead of you and it'll definitely be a great show!

Have her keep her underwear on as long as possible. Lick both sides of the fabric and tease her vagina by running your tongue firmly over her underwear. The combination of teasing and pressure of your tongue will have her begging you to rip off her knickers and that's exactly what you should do.

While you're on top, have your girl put her legs up and feet on your shoulders. This position will put your penis in line with her G-Spot. Have her push her feet into your shoulders so you really have to push down while inside of her. This will feel so intense for not only her, but you as well.

Whoever said that the best sex tips and tricks have to be done by the man? Share this article with your girl or suggest things to her whilst in the bedroom and get wild with a few little extras that will send both of you into a complete frenzy of pure pleasure.