Wipe It


Every single person knows that females should always go to the bathroom after sex to clean themselves up, but have you ever thought about what and how men should clean up afterwards? Just because you just got down and dirty, it doesn't mean that you want to remain dirty for the rest of the day. It is imperative that men, too, clean up after sex, especially for the men who are not circumcised.

Unfortunately, grabbing a tissue, wiping it down and calling it clean isn't going to do the job! A good way to clean yourself up after sex is to get a baby wipe and try to choose one that is unscented.

Having baby wipes around isn't strange to those that may visit you, either. Imagine if you're a male and you have wipes called, "Vagina Cleanse". Now, that might be a little weird! Fortunately, baby wipes can be used for all sorts of cleansing so no one will think twice if they see a random stack of those wet wipes tucked away under your bathroom sink.

The best part about baby wipes is that they are inexpensive compared to wipes that are designed to clean you down below, but they do just the same thing. Everyone loves to save some money, right? Plus, you can always use the money that you're saving by buying baby wipes and treat yourself to some new toys from the sex shop. It's a win, win, situation.

Lastly, baby wipes can be taken with you anywhere you go, whether you're getting dirty on the backseat of your car, a public park, a forest, the beach or any other places imaginable. So feel free to indulge in your fantasies no matter where you are. Just remember to clean yourself up afterwards. You wouldn't want to get an infection and then not be able to have sex for days, or weeks right? It takes two seconds, costs next to nothing and if you love your dick (and you know you do), then take care of it!