Is Your Girlfriend A Psycho?


Oh, red warning flags are popping up everywhere aren't they? Or maybe they aren't but word's getting back to you that your girlfriend might be a little bit of a stalker, control freak or even worse - a psycho. Follow these four psycho-detecting steps to find out whether or not you're dating one! If your girlfriend shows signs of any of these then it may be time to run if she'll let you!

If your girlfriend is constantly calling you, then this should be a giant warning sign. This is usually the very first sign that you will see and be able to tell if she's a little on the psycho side. If she feels the need to call you a hundred times in 10 minutes then she clearly has some serious possession problems. Be even more wary if she's calling all of those times simply to see where you are, who you're with, what you're doing and when you'll be home.

Girls will always be opinionated about who you're friends with, and who can blame them. The majority of the stories that they hear are about drunken nights with your mates, however if your girl can't understand that these "fools" are your best buddies, then there may be a problem. The second she tries to tell you who you should (or worse - can) hang out with, then it may be time to cut all ties. Of course, analyse the situation because your single friends probably are as bad as she thinks. Don't kid yourself, you know all the stories.

If your girl starts spamming the hell out of your social media sites, not only is this terrifying but it's also embarrassing for the both of you. Who in their right mind thinks that it's okay to publicly stalk someone? It's a little weird. If she comments on every picture of you within seconds of you being tagged, or on your comments minutes after you write a new status, then you may have a cyber-stalker on your hands.

People can fall in love fast, but normal people won't tell you that on the first, second, third or even 30th date. It's one thing if she blurts out that she loves you and you don't even know her last name, and it's another thing if she tells you months down the road that she knew she loved you at first sight. You be the judge on this one.

So what do you think? Is she a psycho?