Just Sex, Don't Tell

You just had one of the craziest nights ever, with a hot busty escort you picked up in the bar, just gave you the best sex ever. You did things all night long; things you thought you could never do in bed; things that you've always wanted but never really got to do it. And at this point in the relationship, you've explored areas of sex you never thought existed and if you're wondering how that happened, well, ask your girl.

She may have revealed a thing or two about her sexual fantasies. What turns her on, what makes her come, what excites her body, women have the tendency to spill their secrets when done right, and all you have to do is listen. And if you think you still need to know more, don't be afraid to ask, they'd be happy to oblige.

But what if she told you everything and you didn't find it sexy or naughty at all. What if to her it seems erotic, but to you it sounded perfectly normal, something a man would do to a woman given the opportunity, how would you deal with it? I'll tell you- share your secrets. Women are more comfortable letting their guards down, including their underwear, when they feel that you are more into it than they are, to them your interest matters. And what's more is that if you can share your personal fetishes too, she'd be more delighted.

But how exactly do you share?

Here's the thing you need to know about sex fetishes, it's great. It can add spice to your already great sex life and it can bring the two of you closer to each other. But you have to know the limit of a fetish and a fantasy, a fetish should always be within the norms of what's doable, a fantasy remains where it is, in your head.

Fetishes can range from the most normal to the bizarre, but they are all achievable in bed, it's just a matter of how your girlfriend will accept the challenge and how she'll rise up to it. But ultimately, fetishes are considered normal, even sex talk is considered one. You know, asking sexually provocative questions to each other hours before you do it is a fetish and believe it or not, women have that fetish more than men do.

But as far as the sex goes, it should still be normal, the use of toys maybe included every once in a while but not the whole time, remember, the busty escort you're in bed with right now isn't a love doll you can pump and hump all you want. She has needs too and you better be meeting those needs if you don't want her to leave you.