He Just Wanted a Taste

Kelly had an odd request, and it was to actually meet the boss at his condo. Typically, the boss never screws his girls but sometimes the man needs some pleasure for himself, right? As she arrived at his condo, he buzzed her in and she rode the elevator up to his penthouse suite. The television was on and it looked like she had arrived at a bad time, despite her being right on the dot. He was wiping something off of his face as he welcomed her into his condo. It was a bit awkward as they were no longer at the office, but rather, spending the evening together on a personal level. Her boss answered a few phone calls prior to settling in with Kelly on the couch.

He asked if he could take photos of her for the website. He insisted that her new tit job would enhance her clients and that they should be shown off on the site. She agreed and slowly slipped her tight tank top up over her head, letting her hair fall on her bare tits. Her bosses' eyes immediately went to her perky nipples that were growing hard from the fan that was blowing from above them.

"Chilly?" He joked. Kelly giggled and began to fondle her tits and get into her cute mood. She bites her lip and jiggled her new rack in her hands.

"Don't kid yourself, boss. You like it." She responded.

He definitely liked her calling him boss outside of the office, and it reminded him that this was his girl and he could do what he wanted with her. He grabbed his camera and asked for her to kneel on the ground and to play with her tits. She had nothing but white, thigh-high stockings on. With a few snaps, they had come to agree on a few photos that could be used for the company site.

"Now time for business?" She joked.

"Mmm. I like how eager you are, Kelly." He said, "How about you come on over here and kneel overtop of my face?"

Kelly did as her boss wanted and straddled his face. She lowered her soaking wet pussy down on his face and with the first lick of his hard tongue; Kelly threw her head back in ecstasy. It was incredible. He knew what he was doing and knew exactly how to lick her pussy the way she liked it. She began to grind on his face, growing wetter by the second. He reached his hand around and shoved a finger in his ass and within seconds, Kelly began to shriek with pure pleasure. He pounded his finger in her ass fast as he kept his tongue up to speed on her pussy. Her ass tightened on his finger as she filled her bosses' mouth with her cum. She quivered and moaned until every last drop was in her bosses' mouth. She looked down and saw her white juice on his tongue as her boss took a big gulp of her.

"Fuck me in the ass." She said.

"This was just an update for the site, sweetie." Her boss replied, "I just had to make sure my girls were all tasting as amazing as they should, and that pussy and ass stay as tight as possible. You passed the test. Now get out of here and I'll see you at the office tomorrow. Don't be late."

And just like that, the encounter was over. Photos were taken, she came... And she was on her way... Just the way her boss liked it.