How to a Kiss a Girl in Ten Ways

Men think that kissing a girl is as simple as pecking her lips, but that was way back when no one really knew how to kiss. But nowadays, girls base their decisions on who they want to date and on how hot or sloppy the kiss would be. And yes, some girls even go through the first date just kissing and doing nothing else, just to make sure that the guy they're going to spend time with isn't some lousy psych maniac who just wants self satisfaction and not make love to her.

So before you judge woman as to why they do these kinds of things, allow me to enlighten you further on how to make sure that you kiss the right spots, in the right way:

Let's start with the most obvious. Her lips - Ask any woman you know if she prefers to be kissed on her lips on the first date and you would probably get a yes, and maybe a few "no's". But we don't really take no for an answer do we? You see, a woman's lips are just as sensitive as her skin, which means the slightest touch of your lips on her immediately sends her into a spiral of emotions, and you can only hope that it's good because once she starts feeling your saliva on her lips; you're headed straight out the door.

Her ears - one of the more unconventional places but equally stimulating places to kiss a girl is her ears. Although some sensuous girls prefer you to whisper something very sexual to them when kissing their ears. But just because you kissed her ears doesn't mean you get to kiss the other parts of her body, unless she allows you to.

Her neck - not quite the typical but very common erogenous spot for a woman is her neck or the back of her neck. Although in some cases, stimulating the neck doesn't really arouse her, unless you catch her by surprise. And I mean, kissing her while she's doing the laundry, inside the shower, or while she's washing the dishes. This way, she'll get distracted by what you're doing and she'll forget about everything except you. Sounds enticing. I say read on.

Her thighs - most men don't know about one erogenous spot of a woman that really gives her the chills, it's her legs. The sensitivity of a woman is higher in places where it's not normally stimulated and the one place that you would not usually stimulate during your lovemaking process is her legs. Her thighs. If you get it right and put her in the right mood, you might as well just have a shot in making her climax before you do. And isn't that what you really want?