Lady Grey

The Rolls-Royce was parked outside the Watford train station and standing next to the it was a tall women dress from head to toes in Chanel got off the train and walk up to the Rolls,

Mike was there as always, looking good in his chauffeur's uniform, it was fitted just to show a hint of the muscular body underneath it. As soon as Lady Grey came out of the station the back door was open, she handed him the shopping bags as he got into the car. He quickly put the bags in the boot and got into the front of the car, and moved out into the traffic.

After about 20 minutes, drive the car turned into the manor and the car stopped half way down the drive, it stopped next to a small building. Mike got out of the car and went to the brick built shed, 10 minutes later he came out of the building with nothing on but a black leather thong. He got back into the driver seat and put the car into gear and started back up the drive. Lady Grey thought to herself, he took too long and will need to be punished la ter,

Maybe she will have him watching her ride one of the trainee slave cock as punishment, it would depend on how he serviced her! She told Mike to stop and come round to the back of the Rolls, Mike know never to question, his mistress, so he stop the car, got out and open the back door, there was Lady Grey, legs open and dress slightly hitched, just showing him her white lace thong. All was said was service me, Mike got to his knees and using his teeth, he removed the thong, having master this art long ago. He licked and sucked Lady Grey clit, catching it between his teeth occasionally for impact, knowing he would be punished later for this. Soon he was bring her to a trembling edge of a shattering orgasm and simply held her there, before bearing his head in further and using his tongue to take to her the edge. Mike cock was straining to get out of the leather thong but he knew better than to touch himself. Mike worked his tongue further into her cunt and finally after 10 minutes of licking, Lady Grey clamped her thighs around his head and came like a fountain, making it difficult for mike to breath.

As soon as Lady Grey came she shuddered with delight, maybe she would not punish him for catching her with his teeth, if she was honest, she loved the feeling. Finally Lady Grey said was home James in a slightly childish way. Mike got off his knees, still with a raging hard on, as she had not allowed him to come and relieve himself, walk back to the front of the car, readjusted himself before getting back into the front seat and put the car into gear and drove sedately up to manor or the school for the male correction and education.

The car drove up to the front door, which was open by another muscular male in just a jock strap, Mike got out open the back door and Lady Grey got out and said get the bags. She entered into the house and went upstairs to her room, for a shower and a change, half way up the stairs she said get slave 46 ready and meet me in the correction room.